Using Node Version Manager (NVM)

Installing NVM

Download link: (

  • Download and extract
  • Run the installer

Installing particular versions of node

Open up a CMD window on your machine and run a command as below (Adjusting depending on what version you require)

nvm install 0.10.28

Using a particular Node version one-off

To use a particular Node version just for the CMD session you have open, you can simply run as below:

nvm use 0.10.28

To use a particular Node version from a Shortcut

This is useful in such situations as running a Node application locally on your machine, where different Node versions are required for different functions.
NVM installs the Node versions into a directory under your User profile on your machine (In the directory C:\Users\[Username]\AppData\Roaming\nvm\[version]\node.exe). Simply change the shortcut to point to this directory rather than the default (C:\program files (x86)\nodejs\node.exe)

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