Using Chrome DevTools to view Your website in “Mobile View”

Follow the below to view Your website as it would be displayed on a Mobile Device using Google Chrome’s DevTools.

Firstly, open Google Chome Website Browser (Click the text if You do not have Google Chrome installed to install the browser).

Browse to Your website in Google Chrome

Press the F12 button on Your keyboard to open up Chrome DevTools (Eg below)

Now click the button at the top to force Chrome to preview Your website in Mobile View:

After clicking this, Your mobile will be displayed with a default “Responsive” Mobile view. If You wish to see how Your website will be displayed for a particular device, You can click on the “Responsive” link at the top to select a particluar Mobile Device (which will adjust the resolution in the displayed view).

To revert back to the usual Desktop view, simply close DevTools by clicking on the X at the top right of the DevTools Window.

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