Removing a Computer from the Domain (Copying Profile)

This is a guide to remove a computer from a  Windows domain, while copying the previous domain account on the computer to a local one.

Creating Local accounts

The first steps will be to create two new local accounts, one a local account for the user of the computer and one temporary administrator account we can use to do the migration (In these examples I will be using the username “user” for the local user and “tempadmin”). I am using temporary passwords below but feel free to set the permanent passwords immediately. I am also adding both of the account to the local administrator group – Again, skip this as required.
* Firstly, open up an administrative CMD window (Start > CMD > Right click, Run as Administrator

net user tempadmin TempPassword# /add
net localgroup administrators tempadmin /add
net user user Password1! /add
net localgroup administrators user /add

Transferring the Domain to Local Profile and Removing from the Domain

* The first step will be to log in with your temporary Admin account (This can take some time on Windows 10 to configure the local account). Note, you will need to login with the user account as below (To specify using a local account rather than domain)


* Now, download Profile Wiz (We will be using this to transfer the Domain profile to the new Local account) –
* Extract and Open the Program.
* On the first page, select the Domain user that you wish to transfer the profile FROM
* On the second page, on the dropdown select the Computer Name and tick the box to ‘Join Workgroup’. Enter the local username you created above (Eg “user”)
* Click Next and the wizard will start changing the permissions on the Profile contents to allow the new Local user to access them.
* Once the process has completed you will be prompted to restart.
* After restarting, you will be able to log in to your new local account with password set in the first steps.

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