Dismiss unmanaged VMWare tools warning

How to allow your VMs to run a 3rd Party VMWare tools version installed without displaying a warning
nano /usr/share/check_mk/checks/esx_vsphere_vm

Search for the line ‘guest_tools_map’ which should display as below. Change the 1 on the line ‘”guestToolsUnmanaged”‘ to a 0 to change this from WARNING to OK on your Check_MK Control Panel.

guest_tools_map = {
“guestToolsCurrent”: (0, “VMware Tools is installed, and the version is current”),
“guestToolsNeedUpgrade”: (1, “VMware Tools is installed, but the version is not current”),
“guestToolsNotInstalled”: (2, “VMware Tools has never been installed”),
“guestToolsUnmanaged”: (1, “VMware Tools is installed, but it is not managed by VMWare”)

Once you have saved this file restart Check_MK and this should update now

cmk -R

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