Dismiss unmanaged VMWare tools warning

How to allow your VMs to run a 3rd Party VMWare tools version installed without displaying a warning nano /usr/share/check_mk/checks/esx_vsphere_vm Search for the line ‘guest_tools_map’ which should display as below. Change the 1 on the line ‘”guestToolsUnmanaged”‘ to a 0 to change this from WARNING to OK on your Check_MK Control Panel. guest_tools_map = { Read more about Dismiss unmanaged VMWare tools warning[…]

Installing Check_MK Agent on Hyper-V

How to install the Check_MK Monitoring agent to a Hyper-V server Firstly you will need to download the Windows Agent from the Check_MK Download page to the machine that you are connecting to your Hyper-V server to via RDP. Once you have downloaded the file, you should edit your RDP shortcut to the Hyper-V server Read more about Installing Check_MK Agent on Hyper-V[…]

Installing Nagvis – Nagios Plugin

How to install Nagvis (A visual interface map for Nagios) on your Nagios installation Firstly we must make sure that Nagios is up and running. If you have not yet installed Nagios, please see this guide service nagios status As long as the result of the above is nagios (pid XXX) is running.. we are good to continue Read more about Installing Nagvis – Nagios Plugin[…]

Delete pending actions from WATO

How to delete pending actions from WATO using the command line on your server Firstly, SSH onto your server, log in as root and edit the following file: nano /var/lib/check_mk/wato/log/pending.log Inside this file you will see a replica of your pending actions from WATO on your Check_MK installation – Simply delete rows from this file Read more about Delete pending actions from WATO[…]

Increase SNMP Timeout Period for Check_MK

Global setting to increase SNMP execution timeout to X seconds This is useful if you are monitoring external devices and are dependant on internet connection speeds etc. Place the below line in your main.mk file: nano /etc/check_mk/main.mk snmp_timing = [ ( {‘retries’: 2, ‘timeout’:15}, [“snmp”], ALL_HOSTS ), ] The above is based on your SNMP Read more about Increase SNMP Timeout Period for Check_MK[…]

How to remove specific Autochecks from your Machines

A guide on how to manually remove checks from your machines under monitoring which are automatically applied by Check_MK when doing an inventory. When you do an inventory on a machine on Check_MK (By running cmk -I from the command line) it will automatically add in various checks. I find that when monitoring Windows Servers Read more about How to remove specific Autochecks from your Machines[…]

Installing PNP4Nagios

PNP4Nagios is a great addition that can be integrated with Check_MK to produce RRD (Round Robin) graphs to show system utilisation for your checks.  Firstly we will need to install pnp4nagios: yum -y install pnp4nagios.x86_64 We now need to tell Nagios to export it’s data into PNP4Nagios for graphing. We do this by modifying the commands.cfg Read more about Installing PNP4Nagios[…]

Monitoring specific Windows processes via Check_MK

How to set up monitoring from Check_MK to ensure that required Windows processes are running. From your central Nagios / Check_MK server, edit the main config file and add in the following details: nano /etc/check_mk/main.mk checks+= [ ( “NAGIOSHOSTNAME”, “ps”, “NAMEOFTHECHECK”, ( “PROCESSEXECUTABLE.exe”, 1, 1, 5, 6 ) ), ] I often use this to Read more about Monitoring specific Windows processes via Check_MK[…]