Check_MK monitoring Mapped Drives/NFS Mounts

  This local check will monitor mapped drives for a particular user (NOTE: This requires the Check_MK agent service to be run as the user in question so must be a local administrator account). Changing the Check_MK agent to run as the user: Open up the services module in Windows (Start > services.msc) and locate Read more about Check_MK monitoring Mapped Drives/NFS Mounts[…]

Monitoring Windows Server Backup with Check_MK (Server 2008 R2)

Below Powershell script will monitor Windows Server backups with Check_MK. Prerequisits: Before starting – You must install Windows Server Backup Features Command Line Tools. To do this, open up Server Manager and go to Features > Add Features In the Add Features menu, expand “Windows Server Backup Features” and ensure “Command-Line tools” is enabled, if Read more about Monitoring Windows Server Backup with Check_MK (Server 2008 R2)[…]

Monitoring APCUPSD using Check_MK

This is based on a Check_MK plugin downloaded from the Github Repo below. Firstly, clone the repository from Github and browse to the directory (On your Check_MK Server): git clone cd cmk-apcupsd Now install the plugin: check_mk -P install cmk-apcupsd-1.0.mkp Now download the plugin from the Check_MK agents page from your Monitoring server (See Read more about Monitoring APCUPSD using Check_MK[…]

Setting up Logwatch monitoring from Check_MK

The first stage is to copy the plugin script and built in config file onto your managed host. The easiest way to do this (Assuming a standard installation of Check_MK) is via the below scp commands: scp /usr/share/check_mk/agents/plugins/mk_logwatch [email protected][your-server]:/usr/lib/check_mk_agent/plugins scp/usr/share/check_mk/agents/logwatch.cfg [email protected][your-server]:/etc/check_mk/ Once you have transferred the files, log onto your server and edit /etc/check_mk/logwatch.cfg to Read more about Setting up Logwatch monitoring from Check_MK[…]

Smart monitoring on Linux

Firstly install gsmartcontrol (Using apt-get or yum depending on OS) yum -y install gsmartcontrol Now, enable SMART on each of your disks (This may be done already but better safe than sorry) Eg: smartctl –smart=on /dev/sda Now, copy the below script and make it executable: /usr/share/check-mk-agent/local/smart #!/bin/bash # Only handle always updated values, add device Read more about Smart monitoring on Linux[…]

Monitoring HAProxy Status Page

A local check to login to a local HAproxy status page and check site status for each site listed. nano /usr/lib/check_mk_agent/local/check-haproxy #!/bin/bash # Set environment variables (New line is the only separator) IFS=$’\n’ set -f # Login to haproxy and retrieve site list for i in $(curl -u admin:password -Ls http://localhost/admin?stats | grep “td class=”ac””) Read more about Monitoring HAProxy Status Page[…]

Monitoring Self-Hosted Gitlab Updates on CentOS

A Check_MK local check for checking the update status of a Gitlab server. This script will ignore small updates (eg 9.2.5 to 9.2.6) but will show a WARN status if there is a big update available (Eg 9.2.5 to 9.3.1). nano /usr/share/check-mk-agent/local/check-gitlab-update #!/bin/bash # Check current version c=$(cat /opt/gitlab/version-manifest.txt | grep “gitlab-ee” | awk {‘print Read more about Monitoring Self-Hosted Gitlab Updates on CentOS[…]

Monitor Docker Container Status

A local check_mk check to create a new local check for each Docker container running on the server and simply whether it is ‘Up’ or not. – WIP nano /usr/lib/check_mk_agent/local/monitor-docker #!/bin/bash # Set environment variables (New line is the only separator) IFS=$’\n’ set -f for i in $(docker ps -a | tail -n +2) do n=$(echo Read more about Monitor Docker Container Status[…]

Monitor dropbox.cache directory size

A local check to monitor the size of the automatically created Dropbox Cache directory on a linux server. Firstly, create a new local check as below. Update the if statement to determine the acceptable size of your Dropbox cache directory on your server in KB. Due to the large amount of changes that occur on Read more about Monitor dropbox.cache directory size[…]