Adding Additional Kube config file to local Kubernetes contexts

Getting a list of current contexts:

[email protected]:~/.kube$ kubectl config get-contexts
* dev dev dev-admin 
 prod prod kubernetes-admin

Connect to your new Kubernetes Cluster Master via SSH and edit the ~/.kube/config file created during kubeadm init.

Update the following fields (To an appropriate name for the new cluster):

  name: [update-this]
  cluster: [same as cluster name]
  user: [clustername-admin]
 name: [same as cluster name]
 -name: [same as user name above]

Now, copy this file to your local machine (Eg to ~/.kube/config-[env-name])

Now (After backing up the current config file) you must use kubeconfig to combine your existing kube config file with the new one, to create a new file “config-new” which you then replace the live config file with.

cd ~/.kube
cp config config-bak-$(date +%F)
KUBECONFIG=~/.kube/config:~/.kube/config-[env-name] kubectl config view --merge --flatten > ~/.kube/config-all
rm -rf config
mv config-all config

If you run the get-contexts command again, you should now see your new Kubernetes cluster listed.

kubectl config get-contexts

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